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Software Development

Software development is basically known as the procedure to develop a software or a web application. The process of software development involves designing, programming, documenting and testing. Softwares help people to perform tasks. They play an important role in managing business operations across the world and have become a vital part of our daily lives today. With an appropriate software it becomes easier to manage your daily tasks.

Software development is done by programmers and software engineers who specialize in developing various different kinds of software that have made life easier. Softwares are needed by every industry, in every business for each and every function. They have become an important part of the business world. Softwares are required in every field like healthcare centers, hospitals, schools, industries, private companies, travel etc.

Benefits of a Software

Steps involved in the process of software development

  1. Gathering requirements – Here you analyze and document the requirements of your users and customers.
  2. Design – This involves the designing of the structure of the software and the technologies to be used.
  3. Program – This step involves the actual development of the software. It involves a set of codes and programs to build the software.
  4. Testing – This is step is extremely important. Programmer and testers perform testing in order to check for bugs and errors and the functioning of the software.
  5. Deploying – This involves deploying the software for the use of the customers.

Technologies Used


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